Writing Cat And Trolls; Scene Cards and Visualization

by Michael Amundsen


I have been writing screenplays for a little over 30 years and I still feel like an amateur. The ultimate outcome of a screenplay is something to be watched, not something to be read. But a screenplay is not so much visual in and of itself as it lays down a visual foundation for the movie that is to spring from its pages. So with each successive screenplay, I explored writing strategies that would distance me from needing to think and bring me closer to needing to see. CAT AND THE TROLLS was a big step in that progression.


I spent about ten years writing and re-writing a screenplay in development called BIG ENOUGH aka TEACHING TOOTS aka MIDNIGHTS LAST RIDE, until I sold it outright to director Euzhan Palcy. The producer had feedback. The director had feedback. We’d have a table read and all the actors…

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