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Month: September, 2014

Writing Cat And Trolls; Scene Cards and Visualization


I have been writing screenplays for a little over 30 years and I still feel like an amateur. The ultimate outcome of a screenplay is something to be watched, not something to be read. But a screenplay is not so much visual in and of itself as it lays down a visual foundation for the movie that is to spring from its pages. So with each successive screenplay, I explored writing strategies that would distance me from needing to think and bring me closer to needing to see. CAT AND THE TROLLS was a big step in that progression.


I spent about ten years writing and re-writing a screenplay in development called BIG ENOUGH aka TEACHING TOOTS aka MIDNIGHTS LAST RIDE, until I sold it outright to director Euzhan Palcy. The producer had feedback. The director had feedback. We’d have a table read and all the actors…

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The Origins of a Screenplay


As a writer, I have always had a passion for the stories of my immigrant ancestors. But my choice of protagonists has developed and changed over the years. As a young man, I had been attracted to the struggles of the men, the fathers. As I grew older, I began to understand that the stories of the women were often left behind.

For example in my own family, my grandfather would become disabled at the age of 47, leaving my grandmother to take the responsibility for the welfare of her family as well as my incapacitated grandfather.

This is a situation that would repeat itself when years later, my mother would suddenly have to singly support the family and look after the welfare of my father who was dying a slow death from cancer.

There is no doubt I pulled from these experiences in fashioning the story of Siri, the…

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